“Our work is life changing!"

As a new member of our family of services, you will join a clinical, administrative, or leadership team. Every team, and individual member, contributes to our mission of inspiring life change by helping people change their behavior. Whether you are new to the field of behavior analysis, bring years of experience, or facilitate our mission on the administrative team, we feel everyone at every level aspires to do their best and meaningfully contributes to life-changing clinical outcomes.


We share monumental moments with the people we serve. Our work brings about meaningful behavior change that can alter the trajectory of a life. Imagine being part of a clinical team that helps a child speak for the first time. That is inspiring!


The families we work with are dealing with a whole life, full of unique challenges. When we knock on their door, we know to check our personal baggage at the curb and put a smile on our faces. We show up 100% to help this client thrive through behavior change. That is compassion!


To accomplish changing lives, we are accountable. We are accountable to clients for our sound clinical judgment and for our integrity in meticulous documentation and record keeping to ensure continuity of care. We are accountable to families, funding sources, and each other to provide the best possible care. That is accountable!

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"My bottom line has always been to look for people I would trust working with my own children.  Professionalism, eagerness to learn, willingness to accept and overcome challenges are key to creating a good team." - Dr. Rob Holdsambeck, Founder and CEO


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