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Accountable Progress

This is ABA

We change behavior using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is the single most effective treatment for the symptoms of Autism and related developmental disabilities.  

  • Increase access to meaningful life experiences.
  • Improve engagement at school.
  • Enhance community enjoyment 
  • Help people overcome behavioral barriers.
  • Teach successful communication.
    Accelerate learning with fluency.

Teens and Adults

Applied Behavior Analysis:


Inspring Change

We create a plan to build behavior changes that move your child forward to the future you envision.

We understand you have individual needs, unique to your life. We want you to know, when we arrive, we are there to help. 

We believe in helping people meaningfully change their lives by helping them change their behavior."

We are accountable to you, your child, your funding, and each other, to make sure we provide the best possible care

Early Intensive 

Autism Services

Compassionate Service